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Hampton Park Secondary College is a hub of the community in both programs offered and facilities available. There is a special focus on staff delivering quality programs and experiences through professional learning teams . These teams meet individual needs and encourage contributions from students and other stakeholders in the development and delivery of programs. There is an emphasis on life-long learning, equipping students with a range of capabilities as independent and critical thinkers, socially competent and valued members of their community.

Hampton Park Secondary College provides modern and up-to-date Information and Communication Technology and other technology-based facilities that equip students with the high level skills required for them to take their place in the ever-changing technological world. Hampton Park Secondary College provides authentic learning programs that enable students to connect to the real world.

Hampton Park Secondary College is committed to ensuring high levels of skills and expertise in its teaching staff to ensure delivery of quality programs that meet the needs of the community. The Hampton Park Secondary College community is committed to excellence through continuous improvement of its leading edge programs.

Qualities and Attributes: Our teachers are leaders and role models in life, learning and relationships. They are passionate about teaching and learning, that is centred on values and relevant teaching practices.

As life long learners, our staff are committed to their personal and professional development, responsible and accountable for the highest standards, taking pride in their achievements and those of students and colleagues.

Delivery: Staff and students enjoy and thrive in an innovative teaching and learning partnership.

Support: All students are confident of the commitment of the College to their growth as individuals, feeling safe, valued and optimistic about themselves and their futures. High level support is provided for personal and professional growth to enable delivery of innovative programs that ensure that students thrive as people and learners.

School Environment: Our school environment encourages flexible teaching and learning opportunities. We recognise the need for a healthy stimulating environment that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing and reinforces positive values.

Classroom Environment: Our classrooms are inspiring learning environments for staff, students, and the community. They are welcoming work areas that allow for the diversity of teaching and learning styles. We acknowledge that our classrooms extend to and include our natural environment.

Natural Environment: Our school environment reflects a commitment to environmental sustainability. We recycle and promote the use of sustainable resources and energies. We acknowledge the contribution of natural beauty to living, teaching, learning and health and wellbeing.

Our school grounds and spaces integrate active, passive and reflective areas, and are landscaping recognises both our Australian heritage and the diverse cultural origins of our community

Our school is part of the wider learning environment of Hampton Park where students, staff, parents, community organisations, and local businesses value learning. Students are involved in authentic learning projects that are community based. Business and industry play a strong partnership role in our students learning. As active citizens of the community, students show respect for its people and its cultural diversity, its facilities and resources.